Help Improve Bicycling Conditions

What’s Your Opinion Worth ?

Would you like your opinions to help improve bicycling conditions in Pennsylvania?

Join the Bicycle Access Council today!

By joining the Bicycle Access Council (BAC), you not only have a voice, you’ll be kept informed of what’s going on throughout the state.

BAC is an “on-the-road” advocacy organization for touring, commuting and recreation.

While you may enjoy other cycling activities like sanctioned racing, mountain biking or  rail-trails, BAC wants to preserve the rights of bicyclists to enjoy full access to the Commonwealth’s roads.  This is the only statewide organization created to do this.

Mission Statement…

 The Bicycle Access Council is a non-profit advocacy organization that serves as a forum for Pennsylvania bicyclists and as an ombudsman for bicycling issues.

 It is the objective of the Bicycle Access Council to make bicycling on roads throughout the Commonwealth safe, respectable and a transportation choice by educating its members and the motoring public.

Bicycle Access Council needs your ideas and your support.  Without your willingness to join, there can be no constituency to build upon—no voice to be heard.

Bicycle Access Council, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in Pennsylvania