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News & Digest - July 2005


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BAC July 2005 News & Digest




It's a beautiful day in Pennsylvania!





Are you registered for the Pennsylvania Bicycle Rally, July 8-10?

The deadline for registrations without a late fee was June 7. If you have not mailed your registration, please e-mail us ASAP so you can be included. Registrations are closed after July 5.





The LAB has a twelve member board of directors and seven are member elected: six regions and one national at-large director. The other five directors are board-appointed. Pennsylvania is represented in Region 2, which is the seat I held for the past three years. I decided not to seek re-election.


By a fair margin, Ellen Jones from Washington, DC was elected as Region 2 director over Tom Helm from Camp Hill.


744 LAB members voted overall for the three regions and one at-large seat that were up for election.


For other related LAB info, go to www.bikeleague.org 





By the time you read this, Pedal PA will be mid-way through their week long tour across the southern tier of Pennsylvania, June 25 to July 2.


You can find the overnight towns along the route to possibly catch up with them along the way at: www.pedalpa.com


This year's ride takes riders along the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike section in Bedford and Fulton Counties for 8.5 miles which includes two tunnels measuring 3,600 and 6,600 feet long. It's quite an experience in such long, dark and cool (55 degrees year round) tunnels. Good quality front white lights are a must.


The "Pike to Bike" trail is an unofficial alternate route to BicyclePA Route-S, which will become official after extensive trail head and other construction changes are made for improved access.





A 53 year old cyclist included Pennsylvania in her cross-country touring route beginning in Atlantic City on June 15 and heading to her home in Washington State. Two BAC members were able to host her for two overnight stays and offer route recommendations on the Pennsylvania portions of her trip. She expects to ride mostly on the road with some off-road trails and expects a mixture of camping, motels and home stays along her route.


This high tech savvy traveler updates her daily experience to an on-line journal with superb narratives and photos taken daily. You can follow her progress at: www.crazyguyonabike.com 





The Pennsylvania "Dog Law" offers very little protection and recourse by bicyclists bitten by or injured from a collision with a dog running at large. Although many municipalities have "leash laws" to help prevent these incidents, there is no Commonwealth leash law.


The Bicycle Access Council is meeting with a state legislator in mid-July to initiate changes. Of course, any changes that would benefit bicyclists will benefit citizens in general, from children to mail carriers.


What is your experience with dogs running at large? Contact me at ED@ BicycleAccess-PA.org and let me hear your "tales." Oooh, I couldn't resist that one!





The Bicycle Access Council seldom reports about Rail Trails, but this may be of some interest to members who use the Stony Creek Valley Trail that runs between the town of Dauphin and northern Lebanon County.


A young black bear was sighted and captured in York County after a two day chase, then taken to the Stony Creek Valley Game Land where it escaped before its intended release. This area is one of the largest stretches of bear habitats in the region.


FYI, bears can climb trees and run up to 35 mph. How fast does your mountain bike go?



Our Mission...


The Bicycle Access Council is a non-profit advocacy organization that serves as a forum for Pennsylvania bicyclists and as an ombudsman for bicycling issues.


It is the objective of the Bicycle Access Council to make bicycling on roads throughout the Commonwealth safe, respectable and a transportation choice by educating its members and the motoring public.


All funding for Bicycle Access Council comes from memberships and donations. Annual membership is $20 per year. Forms are available on the website.


BAC does not share membership information.



Joe Stafford, Executive Director

Bicycle Access Council

P.O. Box 92

Dallastown, PA 17313


(717) 417-1299



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