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News & Digest - June 2005


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BAC June 2005 News & Digest




It's a beautiful day in Pennsylvania!


The Central Bucks Bicycle Club (CBBC) is holding a special advocacy panel during the monthly membership meeting on Monday, June 6, at the Doylestown Library at 6:30 PM. I have been invited to participate in the panel session.

The event is free and open to non-members. Hope to see you there.


Are you registered for the Pennsylvania Bicycle Rally, July 8-10? The deadline for registrations without a late fee is June 7. If you have not mailed your registration, please e-mail us ASAP so we can waive the late fee ($25). Use the links below to obtain the information and forms.

BIKE MONTH...It's Gone!

Did you do your part during Bike-To-Work-Week? How about all year?

Please take a moment to complete the informal survey below and reply directly to the Bicycle Access Council. Use the subject line: Bicycle Commuter Survey.

You may add additional information if your bike commute trip is unique.

How many days per year do you commute? _____ How far do you commute (one way) to work? _____ Is your return commute trip the same distance?  / N

If different, how far? _____

Do you use "bike racks on buses" for part of your commute? _____ From what municipality do you begin your commute? ______________

                            (List city, township, borough)

Where is your work location? ____________________

                                          (List city, township, borough)

Do you park your bicycle indoors or outdoors during the work day? _____

Any additional bicycle commuting facts or comments?


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. You may send your survey to ED@BicycleAccess-PA.org or mail to; Bicycle Access Council, P.O. Box 92, Dallastown, PA 17313 


This year, League of American Bicyclists members in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to vote for their Region 2 Director and one at-large director for the board of directors. Ballots with instructions were included in the Spring 2005 League magazine. Ballots must be postmarked by June 6 to be valid for individual and family memberships.


Pennsylvania Bicycle Rally, July 8-10, Gettysburg, PA

Great rides, great food, great fellowship and, great advocacy!

Check the BAC website 2005 RALLY tab for details and registration forms.

Please note when registering for the Pennsylvania Bicycle Rally, you do not need to call the host hotel. We will take care of that for you. The rally on-site registration includes the lodging price and is a lower group rate.

Our Mission...

The Bicycle Access Council is a non-profit advocacy organization that serves as a forum for Pennsylvania bicyclists and as an ombudsman for bicycling issues.

It is the objective of the Bicycle Access Council to make bicycling on roads throughout the Commonwealth safe, respectable and a transportation choice by educating its members and the motoring public.

All funding for Bicycle Access Council comes from memberships and donations. Annual membership is $20 per year. Forms are available on the website.

BAC does not share membership information.


Joe Stafford, Executive Director

Bicycle Access Council

Dallastown, PA


(717) 417-1299



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