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News & Digest - May 2005


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BAC May 2005 News & Digest


It's a beautiful day in Pennsylvania!


BIKE MONTH...It's here!

With the near perfect weather so far this month, Pennsylvania bicyclists can really enjoy putting in those miles. It's a perfect segue too for planning to participate in Bike-to-Work Week, May 16-20, or at least Bike-to-Work Day, May 20. Are you ready?

For more info on Bike to Work Week and Day, go to the League of American Bicyclists special page at http://www.bikemonth.com 

Speaking of segue...

NO, riding your Segways(tm) don't count during BIKE MONTH!



Ride rabbittransit  FREE  During Bike to Work Week

York, PA rabbittransit encourages everyone to participate in Bike to Work Week, May 16 20. Any passenger who boards a rabbittransit fixed route bus with a bike during this week will ride for free.

rabbittransit received a special grant to install bike racks on all of its fixed route buses in the fall of 2004. Each bus is equipped with a rack that can transport two bikes on the front of the bus. There is no extra cost to transport a bike. The bike racks are especially designed for transit use and are easy for bike riders to use. Information on how to use the bike racks is available by calling 846-RIDE for a brochure or by visiting www.rabbittransit.org 

"Bike racks give our community more options. Now, the public can get even further on the bus or their bike because of the ability to combine these two modes of transportation," commented Richard Farr, rabbittransit Executive Director.

rabbittransit is partnering with the BICYCLE ACCESS COUNCIL and Gung Ho Bikes to promote Bike to Work Week. To learn more, contact rabbittransit at 846-RIDE (7433), 1-800-632-9063, or visit www.rabbittransit.org 

BICYCLE COMMUTER ACT--Third Time Is The Charm?...

Congress has once again introduced the Bicycle Commuter Act as HR 807. This bill puts bicycle commuters on equal footing with transit riders. Employers currently may take a deduction for money spent reimbursing transit riders for bus and subway fares. The bill extends the Commuting Allowances transportation fringe benefits under the tax code to persons using their bicycles to commute to work.

It was first introduced in 2001 with much fanfare during the first National Bicycle Summit hosted by the League of American Bicyclists in Washington, DC. It languished and died, was re-introduced in the next congress, then suffered the same fate. Maybe this time with the Highway Transportation Bill up for reauthorization, it will have a higher chance of being passed.

Find the bill at:



This year, League members in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to vote for their Region 2 Director and one at-large director for the board of directors. Ballots with instructions were included in the Spring 2005 League magazine. Ballots must be postmarked by June 6 to be valid for individual and family memberships.




Carbon must really be king. Cannondale, the bike maker known for its dedication to aluminum for a quarter century, has just announced its first all-carbon-fiber frame, called Synapse.


Unlike its other frames built in Bedford, PA, the Synapse is produced in a secret Asian factory. Cannondale won't divulge the source.


[reprinted from RoadBikeRider.com Newsletter] 



Bicycle chosen as best invention

Listeners to BBC Radio 4's You and Yours program were invited to vote in an online poll looking at the most significant innovations since 1800. It was an easy victory for the bicycle which won more than half of the vote. The transistor came second with 8% of the vote, and the electro-magnetic induction ring - the means to harness electricity - came third. Despite their ubiquity, computers gained just 6% of the vote and the internet trailed behind with only 4% of all votes cast. People chose the bicycle for its simplicity of design, universal use, and because it is an ecologically sound means of transport.

Story from BBC NEWS (Published: 2005/05/05):




Pennsylvania Bicycle Rally, July 8-10, Gettysburg, PA

Great rides, great food, great fellowship and, great advocacy!

Check the BAC website 2005 RALLY tab for details and registration forms.

Please note when registering for the Pennsylvania Bicycle Rally, you do not need to call the host hotel. We will take care of that for you. The rally on-site registration includes the lodging price and is a lower group rate.


Here's another attempt to share some humor:



National Bike to Work Week (May 16-20) and Bike to Work Day (May 20) 

Our Mission...

The Bicycle Access Council is a non-profit advocacy organization that serves as a forum for Pennsylvania bicyclists and as an ombudsman for bicycling issues.

It is the objective of the Bicycle Access Council to make bicycling on roads throughout the Commonwealth safe, respectable and a transportation choice by educating its members and the motoring public.

All funding for Bicycle Access Council comes from memberships and donations. Annual membership is $20 per year. Forms are available on the website.

BAC does not share membership information.


Joe Stafford, Executive Director

Bicycle Access Council

Dallastown, PA


(717) 417-1299



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